About Ted Brewer Violins

Starting out

Ted Brewer made his first electric violin in 1993, for a violinist friend. Having experimented with acrylic before, he decided to use it again for this commission, to create a visually dramatic look that would add to the impact of the sound. Now counting Vanessa Mae amongst clients, things have moved on considerably in the years since...

The history

Ted spent 4 years making electric violins following that first commission in 1993. He experimented with shape and materials, with unusual design and with audio systems until he found a model that he felt made the best of his expertise in violin design and the materials and technology available. By 1997, Ted was selling his modern acrylic electric violins, and they were attracting attention.

From strength to strength

It was in 2001 that he received a commission from Vanessa Mae. Vanessa was keen to use a sculpted acrylic electric violin model on her forthcoming album, ‘Subject to Change’. Ted was thrilled with the commission and produced a customised Crossbow electric violin. His modern acrylic electric violins now sell across the world, having achieved a reputation for excellent sound quality and visual impact.


Today, Ted’s workshop in Lincoln produces around 25 hand made electric violins each year. Increased demand is reflected in the production of the Vivo², which is sold by selected stockists. The Crossbow and Hades violins remain customised designs produced individually, to order, at the workshop.

Ted’s modern electric violins retain a handcrafted quality that make his modern violin designs unique. You can visit Ted Brewer’s violin workshop by appointment. Just call us and make arrangements to visit and see how it’s done.